General Rules

•Racist or sexual comments will have 0 tolerance.
•Respect each and every one of the members of the Server.
• If you have any complaint or suggestion, write it on the Discord or private message to any member of the Staff.
• The decisions of the admin or the GMs are final. Disobeying a direct order from an ADMIN supposes BAN of the account..
• Forbidden to insult, disrespect, do Bullying, annoy.
• Do not impersonate any member of the Staff.
• Forbidden to defame or invent rumors about the server / or those who make up the Staff of Ares Ragnarok Online..
• AresRO will only be responsible for the accounts of each user as long as there is evidence in case of attacks, thefts, hacks, etc. Exceptions can be made.
• The use of any BUG in the game for personal gain is prohibited.
• Please notify the Admin and/or GMs in case you discover a BUG.
• GMs do not give away, sell, buy, take places, lend and/or exchange items, guilds, levels, etc. With the exception of events
• The GMs DO NOT give properties nor do they help to raise levels, they are only there to solve doubts, failures, or other problems either with the users or with the server.
• The monsters are free for all (if you mobe and they kill you, there will be no penalty as it is allowed, we recommend using @noks).
• All MvPs are free for all.
• Forbidden to buff monsters to affect others (agi, bless, etc.).
• It is not possible to mention the name of another server and/or SPAM, in this case it supposes immediate BAN of the account.
• Whoever wants to test skills go to places where there are not many people.